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3 easy steps to get pre-approved in about 7 minutes

STEP 1: Determine How Many Applications

One application is required for each resident over age 18 who will reside in the home for more than 2 weeks a year. Simply select how many applications you need to pay for from the drop down below.


STEP 2: Pay Application Fee

After selecting how many applications, click the button to pay securely with Paypal or your credit card.


STEP 3: Complete Your Application

After you pay you’ll be directed to our online application that can be completed in about 7 minutes.

Number of Applications you need to submit:

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For problems email or call (260) 436-5000 extension 223.
For application questions please see below.




Application FAQs




Question: What do you look for on an application?
Answer: Our standards for qualifying for a home are simple and fair:
  • A favorable rental history
  • Stable income that equals three times the monthly house payment
  • Good references from previous creditors; loans, store credit card or landlord
I fall short of the guidelines, is there anything else I can do?
Applicants with less than favorable credit do have some options. We will better know your options once your application is done, but here are some examples we can do to get you approved:
  • paying rent in advance
  • doubling the security deposit
  • paying with an installment plan
How quickly can I be approved for a new home?
Our online application speeds up the process to get you approved in about two business days from receiving of your application.
I’ve seen the home and love it. How can we lock it up so no one else gets it?
Our homes go quickly because we rent and offer them for sale. So to hold a home you like, or get first in line for a home coming available, first pay for and complete your application from this page. Next, we have a Deposit to Hold form that allows you to secure the home until your application is done and the paperwork is completed. You simply include the home deposit with your application (see question below for amount). If for some reason we can not get you approved you get the deposit back in full within two business days. You can see the Deposit to Hold form here
How much is the deposit?
The deposit amount is always $100 + one months house payment. For example if the house payment is $700 the deposit is $800.
How do you check credit?
We do ‘soft pull’ credit check so it does not affect your credit score as much as a hard pull. And yes, we do believe a person’s credit and their actions are indicative of a persons future action. We may still work with a low credit score but it will be deemed a higher risk than someone with great record of paying their debts.
After we are approved, how long before we can move in?
As soon as we get you approved we take the home off the market and hold it for you until we prepare and sign the paperwork – usually that takes just a few days.
Forget renting! I want to own my home but the my bank said ‘No’
Banks say NO a lot these days. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our trademarked home ownership program. For 21 years we have helped My-credit-is-horrible! situations. Whether you’re just starting out or starting over, we offer flexible financing so you don’t need a bank loan or perfect credit because we help you build equity, credit and the confidence that you can do it.

Get the details about our award-winning home ownership program.
I don’t see a home that’s right for me on your website – should I still apply?
Absolutely. Even if you did NOT see the perfect home listed right now we have homes that are not yet listed and when you get pre-approved you get VIP status which puts you to the front of the line for our new homes … so you get first pick of the homes. And you get a free membership to home-finder program called Homes Hotlist (a $79 value ).
I’ve not heard of you, what can I expect when I do business with your company?
I know how you feel and others have felt the same way. Here’s what you can expect if you become a client: Honesty, Integrity, Fairness, and the willingness to work with folks who want a better future; something better for themselves and their families. See our 21 year A+ business rating with the Better Business Bureau and more here
I may want to own it but my credit is not the best. Any suggestions?
We have flexible financing program so you do not need a bank loan or perfect credit. Get the details about our home ownership program here
How do I get notified of new home listings?
Once you submit an application you will automatically receive a membership to our home locator service called Homes Hotlist absolutely free (a $79 value). Then you’ll receive new unreleased home listings (pocket listings) that are only available to members of Homes Hotlist.
What if the home I am applying for is gone by the time I get approved?
If the home is still listed in Fort Wayne Listings it is still available so you are safe to apply for it. However if two applications come in at the same time you can get a refund if the home is gone.
I don’t have Paypal or a credit card, now what?
To keep your house payments low applications are not processed without app fees. While it is faster and easier to apply online if you can not pay online you can download the application, print it and fill it out, and then drop it off to us. Start by downloading our paper application here

Our application requires a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat. You probably already have it installed. If not, download Acrobat free here After you complete your application(s) mail it or deliver it to our PAK MAIL drop box at: 6435 West Jefferson Blvd. #200 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804-6203 (map) For a look at our Fort Wayne PAC MAIL entrance click here
Do you accept pets?
As you might already have found: finding a pet friendly place is tough. So if your pet is part of the family you have found the right place. Our company owners love pets as well and we try to make all the homes available to other pet owners. I encourage you to review our Fort Wayne pet agreement here
Can I see a copy of your rental paperwork?
We’re proud of our straight forward policies & paperwork and we make both available for you to preview well BEFORE you get to the signing stage. So yes, please preview our paperwork here.
I don’t have a drivers license, can I still apply?
You can still apply if you can furnish a copy of your state issued picture identification in place of the requested drivers license.
My last Landlord never fixed anything and I don’t want to get into that situation again!
We have addressed that concern in two ways. First, we have a home inspection done prior to renting or selling the home. That way there are no surprises that can ruin your move into your new home. Then, when you are in the home, we offer a 24 hour emergency response guarantee or your rent is free. That gives you peace of mind and helps us maintain a great reputation for providing great homes at affordable prices.




Let’s Make this Your Best Move Ever!

We are proud of our Company and community and believe you will be too. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask us here. You are never a burden to us. You are why we are here. We are only successful if you are. We make it easy to apply for a home in Fort Wayne.

Number of Applications you need to submit:

Military grade encryption for secured checkout.

For problems email or call (260) 436-5000 extension 223.


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