Facts about Seller Financing to Own a Home in Fort Wayne

A rent to own home in Fort Wayne is a fantastic way of acquiring home ownership without dealing with mortgage companies or banks. Throughout the past 20 years, the trademarked EZhomebuyers® program has helped thousands of individuals and families get into the home they want without the traditional roadblocks of stellar credit and a huge down payment

The best part about this is that with a rent to own home, you get to live in the home you want to buy while you work on fixing your credit up. The program works well for individuals in a variety of situations, including those with bad credit, individuals that have gone through bankruptcy, divorce, and just cannot meet the strict requirements of banks and lenders.


Some Rent-to-Own Home programs are successful (others are not)

If you wanted to know why our Rent-to-Own Program is so successful, it’s because of our benefits:

  • You build up equity in the home of your choice while you improve your credit rating.
  • Gives you time to build up your base income.
  • Homes in appreciating areas
  • Lock in the price of your future home now.
  • Equity Accelerator: double your equity payments every month!

A home is the largest purchase many of us will ever make so do your due diligence research and see what the proven EZhomebuyers® Program has to offer. You need to get all the facts to see if rent-to-own is right for you.



Fort Wayne Rent to Own

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We made a detailed video and report that cover the aspects of how rent-to-own homes in Fort Wayne work. And you can have both for free.

Plus you can read the real-life success stories of everyday people who now own their own home at a great price with built-in equity.

Get the facts about Rent-to-Own homes in Fort Wayne.

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